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Cheap Fossil Watches Review

cheap fossil watch review

Let’s all agree: while price isn’t always an indication of a watch’s quality, a higher price tag coupled with a reputable name almost always directly translates into quality and superior durability. But we’re not all the bosses of our bucks, and more often than not, we find ourselves a little bare budgeted. And that’s totally […]

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The Best Altimeter Watch for the Outdoors

best altimeter watches for the outdoors

Let’s level things out here: altimeter watches measure altitude…if you forgot that part. At least that’s how we all understand them. The technical side of things state that they actually measure atmospheric pressure, so they’re basically barometers designed for a specific purpose.How altimeter watches work:The simple explanation is that the higher you go, the less […]

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The Best Outdoor Watches- Tough, Rugged, and Stylish

best outdoor watches for men

Look, we’ll admit that we all love to dream about trekking through uncharted territories with high-tech gadgets at our disposal, kind of like Bond, but just rougher and tougher. The reality looks a little bleaker, when we find ourselves ‘roughing it’ on…the couch. Watching Bear Grylls’’ Ultimate Survival with our comfy PJ’s on. Nevertheless, we […]

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The Best Cheap Pocket Watches (Old & New)

best cheap pocket watches

The Pocket Watch: a piece seemingly as old as time itself, and yet it never drops in popularity. Whether you’re into vintage pocket watches or a retro yet modern pocket watch, these keepers of time definitely add a little stride to your step and give you that element of mystery. Beautiful Men’s Pocket Watch! Choosing […]

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Hamilton Watch Review (Khaki & Jazzmaster)

hamilton watch review

The History of Hamilton Watches:Founded in 1892, the Hamilton Watch Company has been around like what feels forever. They used to specialize in the production of fine pocket watches and wristwatches before they had a shift of focus. Today you’ll find that the Hamilton brand is owned by the Swatch Group, one of 3 major […]

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Sailing Watches (Solar vs. Battery Powered)

best sailing watches

Here’s the truth: a lot of sailing enthusiasts insist on using analogue watches that do nothing more than tell the time when there’s a market booming with the latest and greatest sailing-oriented watches just waiting to make life that much easier. Technology has come a long way and the rewards we reap portray themselves in […]

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Luminox Watch Review

luminox watch review

With names like Rolex, Omega and Breitling being old features that are always seen on the movie hero’s wrist, Luminox is a game chancer of sorts. They’ve been the prime choice of military men for over 25 years and don’t need to be featured in movies in order to get recognized as one of the […]

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Best Watches Under $500

best watches under 500

Sometimes it may seem out of place to have a watch in today’s world – after all, when was the last time you really needed a watch to know the time? There are clocks everywhere, our phones, our tablets, computers, in our cars – there is pretty much some form of time piece anywhere we […]

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