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Watch Dimensions

watch dimensions

There is a lot that goes into picking out the perfect watch. You need to consider everything from how much you can afford to spend to what materials you would like it to be made of. With so many different brands at so many different price points it can be hard to make a decision!Along […]

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Best Watches Under $1000

best watches under 1000

A nice watch can get really expensive, really quick depending on the features and brand name you choose to go with. If you are a collector or simply have the money to spend on a nice watch that will last you for years to come then these watches might interest you. They come from a […]

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Watch Movements

watch movements

When it comes to watches people are often distracted by the aesthetics of the watch, rather than what actually makes it tick, so to speak. While it is important that your watch is a reflection of your own personal style and has all the features that you’ve come to be used to whether that is […]

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Best Watches Under $5000

best watches under 5000

Luxury Watches Under $5000Some people collect cars, some people collect clothes, and others collect nice watches – and when you’ve got the itch for a new addition in your collection and have the funds to go get it there really isn’t anything left stopping you, right? Well, maybe there is. You still have to decide […]

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Triathlon Watches

triathlon watches

Watches For TriathletesIt shouldn’t come as a surprise that in certain situations a traditional analog watch just isn’t the most practical – for example, during a triathlon. During a triathlon you need to be able to tell the time at a glance, without room for error. Once upon a time, athletes needed multiple devices to […]

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Training Watches

best training watch

Finding a watch that is suited to your athletic training can be a complicated task – there are so many different names and types of watches offering slightly different and sometimes the same features for vastly different prices. How are you supposed to know what is a good buy and what would be wasting your […]

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Best Solar Watches

best solar watches

Choosing a watch is tricky business – there are so many different options, styles, sizes and materials to take into consideration it can seem hard to not overlook something in the process. One of the things that is most often overlooked when purchasing a watch is what power source it runs on. Most people just […]

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Best Watches Under $100

If you’ve ever taken a look around a jewelery store or shopped around online for a watch then you know just how wide a range of watches there really is. There’s digital watches, analog watches, watches with stainless steel bracelets and some with leather bands. You’ll also notice that the price of these watches can […]

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Vintage Men’s Watches

There’s something about vintage men’s watches that make them so much more appealing than modern day watches. Maybe it’s the simple fact that they are old – and that means they are rich with history. You might be surprised to hear the stories of what a watch went through with its wearer; especially since watches […]

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Best Dress Watches

When you’re looking for a new dress watch you might find that there are more options out there than you originally expected. There are gold and silver dress watches, diamond dress watches and more. With all these options how are you supposed to be able to choose just one? The truth is, many people don’t […]

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