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Tim Ralston has invented a game-changing piece when it comes to extreme survival: the Recon 6. This watch is a perfect fit for the adventurous outdoorsman in you! When you find yourself in an emergency, what’s the first thing you grab for? Your cell phone, flashlight or keys? In a real emergency, you might not have time to get those things. And if you find yourself in an emergency where you are cut off from the modern world, none of those things are going to help you out.

You need a device that is going to aide in your survival, that can keep you on track and get you where you want to go all while making sure that you can protect yourself and have the necessities to survive. When it’s all said and done, the Recon 6 Watch is 14 tools in one 44mm device.

Features of the Recon 6

First and foremost, Ralston’s watch was designed and equipped with a scratch/chip resistant mineral glass face and is also treated with an anti-reflective coating to keep the glare of the sun or any other source of light at a minimum.

The hour and minute hands of the watch have been treated with a phosphorescent compound, allowing an adequate amount of light to radiate from the hands of the watch so that you are able to see your watch in the dark, yet dark enough to be un-seen from a short distance.

The Recon 6 is made from the highest quality stainless steel: 316L. This steel has a higher resistance for corrosion and is made to survive the hottest of temperatures. This stainless steel has excellent formability and also has a higher creep resistance than most. The Recon 6 is also equipped with an enhanced date window and a rotating bezel ring to aide in time reminders.

A stainless steel blade, bottle opener and a can opener can also be found on the Recon 6. The stainless steel blade was created with a sheep hook design intended for dressing out small game. A Fire Steel fire starter, with up to 5,000 fire starts, and a magnifying glass, which can be used for an unlimited amount of fire starts in sunny conditions, is also available on this device.

If you ever find yourself lost or trapped and far from home, a signaling mirror that can be seen up to 25 feet away is always located right there on your wrist, too!

Other Important Features of the Recon 6

  • Aluminum Rescue Whistle
  • EMP Proof, Military Grade, liquid fill compass
  • LED Flashlight with up to 20FT of range (also equipped with impact-resistant lens)
  • 25FT of 25LBS braided fishing line with two small hooks

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