The Best Cheap Pocket Watches (Old & New)

best cheap pocket watches

The Pocket Watch: a piece seemingly as old as time itself, and yet it never drops in popularity. Whether you’re into vintage pocket watches or a retro yet modern pocket watch, these keepers of time definitely add a little stride to your step and give you that element of mystery.

Choosing a Pocket Watch:

Contrary to popular belief, it actually takes a lot of thinking work before you can just go ahead and invest in any old pocket watch. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • The Price - generally speaking, pocket watches tend to be much more affordable than wrist watches, but there are some seriously high-tech and vintage models that can easily break the bank. Your budget is the determining factor here so have a clear idea of how much you’re willing to spend before you start navigating through the market trends.
  • The Features - quartz and mechanical wind pocket watches sport a range of different features, albeit these depend on the price you’re willing to pay. Features include things like AM/PM indicators, true moon phase indicators, separate seconds tracking, day window, date window and chronograph sub-dial features.
  • The Accuracy - quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical pocket watches. This means you’ll need to fully wind and reset the timing of a mechanical watch on a daily basis.

So, after you’ve decided on what amount of cash you’re prepared to spend on a pocket watch, read through our top picks to get a taste of some of the best pocket watches on the market today. Forget about wrist watches…who needs them when you can have a sleek and contemporary time piece that adds a touch of mystery to your ensemble?

Pocket Watch Review

Here are out top 5 picks for the best pocket watch of 2016…

Best Retro Pocket Watch

Stuhrling Original Pocket Watch

This special reserve Montres de Poche Vintage mechanical skeleton stainless steel pocket watch is absolutely timeless. While it doesn’t have an outer cover, the back and front crystal windows are made with super durable Krysterna crystal from Sturhling, so they’re scratch resistant to keep your timepiece shielded against everyday wear and tear. The center features a skeleton cut out and the amazing detail is very intriguing, lending an antique feel while still being a 21st century watch

The Pros:

· It has an antique look yet modern design

· It’s protected on both sides with Krysterna crystal

· The stainless steel design ensures it’s durable

The Cons:

· It’s a mechanical pocket watch, so you’ll need to wind it up and adjust the time daily

· The dials are a bit hard to read

Best Classic Pocket Watch

Charles-Hubert Paris Stainless Steel Pocket Watch

For a real classic look, the Charles-Hubert Paris Stainless Steel Pocket watch is a choice you can’t go wrong with. It operates with Swiss quartz movement, so the time is always precise. We love the intricately designed front cover and so that you can add your own personal touch with engraving, the back case is blank. The black Roman numeral markers look classy and just seals up the already great image this pocket watch carries.

The Pros:

· It has a stainless steel 47mm hunter case and comes with a matching curb chain

· It’s easy to read and use

· The Swiss quartz part movement ensures you always have an accurate time reading

The Cons:

· The dainty polished steel finish isn’t everyone’s cup of tea

Best Value Pocket Watch

Shoppe Watch Skeleton Pocket Watch

For those of you looking for a simple yet elegant pocket watch, the Skeleton Mechanical Pocket Watch from Shoppe Watch is ideal. It has beautifully polished silver tones and it’s suitable for engraving, and it has the most intriguing concentric circles on the insides of the covers. We like the gold skeleton cut out that’s aesthetically appealing and pops against the white dial. It might be a hand-wind model, but as far as looks go, we wouldn’t even mind that little road bump.

The Pros:

· It has solid mineral windows that are durable and keep the dial protected

· Considering its price, this is one of the best watches in its class

· For a mechanical watch, it keeps time pretty accurately and also is easy to reset when needed

The Cons:

· Reading the markers is somewhat difficult, even more so in low light conditions

· The back and front cover look exactly the same, so it might be frustrating to constantly open up the wrong cover if you want to check the time

Best Digital Pocket Watch

Peleus Tech® Spovan Outdoor Pocket Watch

Okay so because metro men love the digital age, we had to throw in this very affordable digital pocket watch from Peleus Tech. The Spovan has a savvy digital display screen and includes kick-ass features like a barometer, altimeter, thermometer, weather forecast and a time & data function. As a bonus Peleus Tech have also thrown in a Smart Fishing Time Reminder function and it has the ability to track and store data like air pressure, temperature and water depth of 6 fishing spots. Essentially this is so much more than just a pocket watch, and for its price, it’s definitely a leader in its class.

The Pros:

· It has oodles of cool and useful features

· The digital display is clear and easy to read

· It’s easy to operate and looks awesome

The Cons:

· It’s a little on the heavy side

· The manual that it comes with is pretty lousy and you’ll have to figure out the tricks of the timekeeper by yourself

Best Outdoor Pocket Watch

Dakota Watch Company Digi Clip Watch

Listen up outdoor junkies…the Digi Clip Watch from Dakota Watch Company is exactly what you need for those abseiling, climbing and hiking expeditions. The watch effortlessly clips onto your belt loop, backpack or jacket (it has an ingenious carabiner design) and stays put so that you always have your essential tool on you. For a laughably affordable price you get some amazing features like a stopwatch, a countdown timer, dual time zone functionality, an alarm and an integrated analog compass.

The Pros:

· It’s very durable with the metal construction

· It’s water resistant up to 100 feet

· It comes with a night mode called Moonglow E.L function

· It features a 25-hour time mode

· It’s very functional and practical

The Cons:

· The compass looks great but it’s not very helpful at all

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