The Best Replica Watches (Swiss & Japanese)

best replica watches

Let’s all agree: the replica watch industry has recently seen a massive boom. Perhaps it’s due to the overall financial pressure a lot of us feel or it may be due to the fact that we all just want to get the best deal for the least amount of dough spent. Whatever your swaying point may be there are a lot of obvious advantages for buying replica watches instead of spending thousands of dollars on authentic gear.

But, there are disadvantages involved with knockoff watches, such as the price to quality ratio. Then again you need to weigh up your priorities, do you really need something that’s going to last 100 years or is it just the look you’re after?

Before Buying a Replica Watch:

There are a lot of great replica-watch manufacturers out there, so do take your time and find a company that offers serious quality and high quality watches. Once you’ve found a reputable brand, do your homework regarding the following:

  • Surf the net and see how the company you intend to buy from measures up in the customer service department
  • Check out their website and take a look at how long they’ve been in the game. The text on the site (bad grammar and a lack of any real info is a sign of a bad replica watch site)
  • Have a look at the photos of the watches, you want to make sure that what they’re selling is actually their own and that it looks like good quality
  • Inquire about their guarantees, their materials used for manufacturing and the range of watches they have on offer

Japanese vs Swiss Replica Watches:

Honestly, deciding between Japanese and Swiss made replicas is mainly concerned to the movement. Generally speaking, Swiss made replica watches will cost you more than Japanese made replicas, but Japanese doesn’t offer you the same quality or durability that you would get from a Swiss ‘original copy’. There’s nothing wrong with Japanese imitation watches, and the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference.

Before we move on…replica watches are designed to look exactly like the authentic models. They’re not just cheap imitations, but genuine replicas of the original watches. They give you style and swagger without breaking the bank!

Buying Guide: The Best Replica Watches

Rolex Submariner Date Replica

The Oyster Submariner collection from Rolex is one of their most successful collections that sport an interesting collaboration between themes. The watch was originally designed specifically for divers, showcasing Rolex’s love for watersports. The 40mm case is a great size for small and large wrists and the stainless steel finish with its different dial colors is simply breathtaking.

This watch is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful silver timepieces for its looks alone, although its functionality and endurance has contributed to the reputation in many ways. It’s been around for more than 60 years, in which time Rolex has continued to improve its durability and functionality, but this has also given Swiss Replica Manufacturers enough time to get their eggs in one basket. Since an authentic Submariner would cost you anything between $7,000 and $30,000 if you’re lucky, buying a replica just makes so much more sense!

Find the right manufacturer and even the most experienced Rolex connoisseur will have a tough time telling them apart from the real deal. The only visible difference is the greatly reduced price tag. Our top pick for the best manufacturer of this replica is SuperWatches. Find them it at

Cartier Santos 100 Replica

Since Cartier is considered as both a jewelry and watch artisan, it makes sense that their pieces are timeless and elegant, plus obviously highly sought after. The Santos 100 model is by far Cartier’s best-selling model.

The first authentic watch was made in 1904 by the man himself, Louis Cartier, but due to its high demand the company released the Santos 100 collection in 2004 which was a slightly larger version of the classic Santos. With its slightly rounded square case and its distinctive Cartier Roman numerals and word shaped hands, this is an exquisite and very elegant watch. It brings you everything you want and need from a watch, which is why countless replica manufacturers clone this model.

Our top pick for the best replica of the Cartier Santos 100 series came from SwissWatchesUK. It’s an online source of Swiss and Japanese replica watches. The company offers decent prices, a varied collection of knockoffs, very good product pictures, free worldwide delivery and a 15 days refund policy.

Find them at

Breitling Navitimer Replica

The Breitling Navitimer is one of the few classic aviation watches that are still super popular, and for the past 50 years it’s been the only wristwatch chronograph in continuous production. The special design captures your attention and the stunning chronological easily turns into a timeless love-affair. The aesthetics speak of extravagance and complexity. With an overly intricate dial, a highly polished case and a bezel that’s unique in terms of form and functionality, the Breitling Navitimer stands out amidst the crowd. Its distinctive black dial is sadly where most replica manufacturers let the cat out of the bag.

Other than that, great replicas have all the other features cloned down to a T, with the wavy bezel, the winding crown and the finished buttons. Perfect replicas also feature the iconic Breitling tachymeter gradations that complete the genuine look. The manufacturer that nailed this replica head on was also SwissWatchesUK. The same manufacturer we picked for our Cartier Santos 100 replica.

Final Thoughts:

While we’ve only covered 3 of the most popular replica watches out there, the possibilities are virtually endless. As long as you ensure that you’re dealing with a manufacturer that produces clones of the authentic watch - and not just cheap knockoffs - you can reap the rewards of investing in a timeless look for so much less.

Other Manufacturers Worth Considering:

So we mentioned Swiss Watches UK and Super Watches as our top 2 watch replica manufacturers, but there are countless great names out there. Here are some other great sites that have been delivering superior quality imitation watches over the last few years:

· Replica Watches 777 -

· VIP Watches -

· Watch In First -

· Forever Watches -

· Pure Time Watches -

· Best Watches -

· Time Swiss Shop -

· Watch e-Store -

· Best Clones -

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