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The Rolex is probably the most well-known luxury watch brand in the entire world – and one of the most expensive too. If you are looking at investing in one of these high end watches then you will want to make sure your money goes into the perfect watch for you.

There are many different lines that are manufactured by Rolex, but by far one of the most frequently heard of has got to be the Submariner. This particular model of watches were originally created as dive watches, so they are often remembered for their resistance to water at extreme depths.

The first Rolex Submariner was released in 1954 and since then very few improvements have been needed to keep one of the most popular models available. There are many different styles to the Submariner these days and they all come at a slightly different cost-point. So don’t fear there as are over twenty five different models to choose from ranging in price from the low thousands to upwards of thirty thousand.

For this list we’ve kept it simple and listed four different currently available models of the Rolex Submariner. They are listed from most expensive to the least and each has a unique design and different features to ensure it is well worth that Rolex price tag.

The Rolexes:

Rolex Men’s Submariner Automatic

This is probably one of the most expensive Rolex Submariner models available right now coming in at almost thirty thousand dollars. This high price tag is surprisingly a great investment when you consider the time and quality that goes into creating the product and the materials used to make it as well.

One of the first things you will notice about this watch is the extremely fashionable gold wristband. The wristband is actually Oyster 18k solid gold – the wristband alone probably makes up a good amount of the items weight (both psychically and in price). The wristband also features a deployment style clasp with safety to keep it secure all the time.

The dial on this watch offers a brilliant royal blue background and gold shaded letters as well as a date display. The casing is also made of solid gold like the band and the window cover for the dial is made of the highest quality scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It works with automatic movement and is water resistant up to 300 meters.

Rolex Submariner Men’s Watch

Another brilliant looking addition to the Submariner line is this emerald green and silver beauty. This watch features a green background on the dial with contrasting white time markers and hands. You will also find date display right next to the 3o’clock marker for your convenience as well as the hands and markers being luminescent for use day or night.

The band and casing are both made out of stainless steel offering a classic silver look to the time piece. It has anti-reflective sapphire crystal as the window cover and works with Swiss automatic movement. As with the last Submariner this one is also water resistant up to 300 meters.

Coming in at just under ten thousand dollars this is definitely one of the best Rolex Submariner(s) available today. According to a Rolex Submariner watch review this particular Rolex with the flashy green dial is more likely to attract the younger generation who are just getting into the world of Rolex.

Rolex Submariner Black Dial Ceramic Bezel Steel

Offering a more classic looking Submariner design this watch is only a little less expensive than the flashy green dialed one above. This one features a black dial with luminescent white hands and numerical markers as well as the date indicator – all functions we know no one wants a watch (especially a Rolex) without.

Similar to the last watch the casing and wristband are both made out of stainless steel – but this one has a different look to the band with a different style of link. The cover window of the watch is made of the top quality sapphire crystal and it features automatic movement as well as being water resistant up to 300 meters.

Rolex Submariner Black Dial Stainless Steel

The last model of the Rolex Submariner we’re going to take a look at comes in just below seven thousand dollars. This model is very similar in style to the last watch we mentioned so instead of pointing out all the features individually we’re going to take a look at what sets this watch apart from the above almost identical watch.

The biggest difference is the lack of a ceramic Bezel and there is no date function – aside from these two things the watches are nearly identical and offer all the same great functions. However the ceramic piece is likely to be stronger and less resistant to scratches or other casual damages.

When trying to make a decision between the two, think about whether or not you will really need the date function. There is a big price gap to be had here with the Rolex Submariner date or no date.

​Rolexes, Man...

If you have been thinking about investing in a Rolex for the first time the Submariner is definitely a high-quality and well respected name. It would be recognized immediately as a luxury watch of the highest quality – the end matter is really for you to decide how much you can afford to spend on this brilliantly designed watch.

Considering this is a very large investment to make you will want to consider each option carefully. Do you want a Rolex simply to say you finally bought one? If the extras aren’t enough to entice you then you don’t need to invest in the top tear price range. However, if you want to have the newest and most stylish watch available then you may need to consider budgeting a little higher.

This classic style is unlikely to lose popularity after over half a century of brilliant designs and great quality. It will always be a good time to buy a Rolex Submariner.

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