Cheap Fossil Watches Review

cheap fossil watch review

Let’s all agree: while price isn’t always an indication of a watch’s quality, a higher price tag coupled with a reputable name almost always directly translates into quality and superior durability. But we’re not all the bosses of our bucks, and more often than not, we find ourselves a little bare budgeted. And that’s totally okay! Brands like Fossil are here to save the day, proving that style doesn’t have to cost you the world. Yes, cheap Fossil watches are amazing, they look the part, and they’re still just as durable as most other watches tapping in at 3 times their price.

So, are you into Fossil watches? Are they the “it” thing for you? Ultimately that answer depends on two things:

  • Your budget
  • Your taste

If you’re a metro man that needs a finely crafted watch that works, looks good, will stand up to the elements, is reliable AND affordable, Fossil is right up your alley.

Who is Fossil?

Fossil Watch Company was established in the USA and has been providing top quality products at reasonable prices for as long as they have been in the game. When you see the Fossil logo, an image of reliability paired with sophistication emerges. We’re not going to write a pretty life story here. Fossil has been around for what seems to be forever, and if you haven’t heard of the name yet, you’re a serious amateur in the watch world. With that out of the way, it’s time to get down to business…

Buying Guide: Men’s Fossil Watches Review

We’ve rounded up the top cheap mean’s fossil watches to help you narrow down your field of play. All of the watches on in this lineup are sleek, classy and affordable, rightfully landing them all in the run for the best men’s Fossil watch!

FS4735 Grant Brown Leather Strap

This classic design timepiece by Fossil looks cool with the analog clock dial and the 3 chronographs it boasts. While the design is robust, the black, steel and rose gold dial softens up the look of a watch that’ll withstand the wear and tear of time. We love how the leather strap accentuates the unusually colored dial, but you should keep in mind that this isn’t a small watch, so if you’re thin framed your wrist might look noodle-like sporting the FS4735. As far as functionality goes, the watch has a water resistance rating of up to 100 meters, comes with a stopwatch feature and keeps time very accurately. Overall this is a great gentleman’s watch that’ll blend in with any kind of attire.

The Pros:

· It has a water resistance rating of up to 100 meters

· It looks great

· It’s made with high quality materials

The Cons:

· It’s a bit big and bulky

· It’s kind of heavy

Fossil CH2573 Decker Chronograph

For the men who love black on black, the CH2573 is just the right candidate for the perfect Fossil watch. It boasts a statement black and silver analog dial, a hip tachymeter scale bezel and a water resistance of up to 100 meters. The tachymeter and chronograph do what they were made for and the luminous hands are pretty awesome for low light scenarios and time reading after dark because it really glows in the dark like it’s supposed to. It’s scratch resistant and comes with a durable and comfortable silicone strap for men who don’t dig the feel of metal or leather. For a seriously affordable price, the CH2573 Chronograph can’t be beat.

The Pros:

· It has a great water resistance rating

· It’s made with durable materials

· It’s a lightweight watch that’s easy to read and operate

· It’s scratch resistant

· It’s very affordable

The Cons:

· Resetting the chronograph is a learning curve that’ll require a few practical, hands on practice runs

Fossil CH2565 Cuff Chronograph

If you didn’t think that cheap fossil watches could include a rugged model in their lineup, the Cuff Chronograph’s going to make you think twice! Encompassed into this classic design with its steel and leather look watch are superb materials that’ll withstand the rugged outdoor scenery. We love the sleek look of the dial with its steel and brown combination finish and the fact that it’s held in place by a genuine leather strap. It’s a little sporty, a little understated, and definitely interesting enough to draw the attention of the crowd. If you need a great watch that looks impressive yet still handles whatever punches get thrown, the Cuff Chronograph is a choice you can’t go wrong with.

The Pros:

· It looks very stylish

· The analog quartz movement is very accurate

· It has a water resistance rating of up to 100 meters

The Cons:

· Large wristed fellas are going to have beef with the strap being a little too snug

· The second hand misses the second markers slightly

Fossil Machine

If you’re into sleek and sophisticated, you might actually already own one of these captivating timepieces. The Analog Dial Watch comprises of a design that tells a classic tale with its black analog dial and a shape that effortlessly fuses into the bracelet. Checking the time is as easy as can be and the steel hands don’t just work great, they look the part too. Essentially, this is more like a status piece because it doesn’t boast as much functionality as the other models we’ve shown you, but it damn well almost steals the show for its basic simplicity captured in a classic timepiece.

The Pros:

· It works with accurate quartz movement

· It looks very sleek and sophisticated

· The dial is easy to read and use

The Cons:

· We would have loved to see a more durable bracelet

· It has no lume, so low light conditions will be problematic

Final Thoughts:

We did our best to try and show you the 4 most reliable cheap Fossil watches, and we told you all about their good and bad aspects, now it’s your turn to put the thinking cap on and decide on which way you’ll lean towards.


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