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The Best Altimeter Watch for the Outdoors

best altimeter watches for the outdoors

Let’s level things out here: altimeter watches measure altitude…if you forgot that part. At least that’s how we all understand them. The technical side of things state that they actually measure atmospheric pressure, so they’re basically barometers designed for a specific purpose.How altimeter watches work:The simple explanation is that the higher you go, the less […]

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The Best Outdoor Watches- Tough, Rugged, and Stylish

best outdoor watches for men

Look, we’ll admit that we all love to dream about trekking through uncharted territories with high-tech gadgets at our disposal, kind of like Bond, but just rougher and tougher. The reality looks a little bleaker, when we find ourselves ‘roughing it’ on…the couch. Watching Bear Grylls’’ Ultimate Survival with our comfy PJ’s on. Nevertheless, we […]

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Sailing Watches (Solar vs. Battery Powered)

best sailing watches

Here’s the truth: a lot of sailing enthusiasts insist on using analogue watches that do nothing more than tell the time when there’s a market booming with the latest and greatest sailing-oriented watches just waiting to make life that much easier. Technology has come a long way and the rewards we reap portray themselves in […]

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Triathlon Watches

triathlon watches

Watches For TriathletesIt shouldn’t come as a surprise that in certain situations a traditional analog watch just isn’t the most practical – for example, during a triathlon. During a triathlon you need to be able to tell the time at a glance, without room for error. Once upon a time, athletes needed multiple devices to […]

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Best Tactical Watch

best tactical watch

Men’s Tactical WatchesWhen looking for a new tactical watch you might find that the options seem limitless and the prices can range from dirt cheap to hundreds (if not more) dollars. One thing you will notice about tactical digital watches is the fact that they have a lot more options than most normal watches. They […]

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Training Watches

best training watch

Finding a watch that is suited to your athletic training can be a complicated task – there are so many different names and types of watches offering slightly different and sometimes the same features for vastly different prices. How are you supposed to know what is a good buy and what would be wasting your […]

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Best Solar Watches

best solar watches

Choosing a watch is tricky business – there are so many different options, styles, sizes and materials to take into consideration it can seem hard to not overlook something in the process. One of the things that is most often overlooked when purchasing a watch is what power source it runs on. Most people just […]

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Best Military Watch

best military watch

There are probably hundreds of styles of watches out there – but one that remains the most popular and the most useful by far is a military watch. These watches generally come with a few more capabilities in one place than simply the time of day. A military watch may have both digital and analog display […]

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Best Dive Watches

How Do I Choose?When searching for a watch there are many, many different choices – narrowing it down to something specific like a dive watch would help make the decision easier, right? Well, maybe once upon a time that would have been the case, but these days there are so many different brands out there […]

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Best Men’s Digital Watches

These days, many people may find that analog watches are outdated and a thing of the past, while others still want the classic feel of a good watch on their wrist. For those who are more into the modern and prefer everything in their life to be digital, a digital watch is often the best […]

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