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There are a lot of well known brands out there when it comes to items like watches. The first one that probably comes to mind is Rolex. After that maybe Omega? These are considered luxury watches and can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand. Some of these watches go for as much as $100,000 – that’s certainly a lot of money.

Well, for those who cannot afford to drop tens of thousands of dollars into a watch we’re going to take a look today at different cheap watch brands. They might be cheap automatic watches or cheap digital watch brands – no matter what though these watches are considered stylish, very durable, and good quality considering the lower price tag.

After all, just because you had to opt for a cheaper accessory out of necessity does not mean that you cannot still get a high quality time piece. There are plenty of affordable brands – and you won’t ever have to set foot in a Wal-Mart- we promise.

For this particular list of watches each of them is about the same price range of roughly $40 – only one was less than $30, so we will go ahead and start with that one!

Best Cheap Watches:

U.S. Polo Assn. Sport Men’s

This is by far one of the least expensive chronograph watches currently available by a relatively well-known brand. This watch has many different features – to start with the dial not only offers an analog display but also a digital display; reading your watch has never had so many options!

The analog function of the watch is powered with quartz movement. The digital functions include time, date and minutes. This watch is water resistant, but only up to 30 meters, so it would not make a good choice for a long swim or diving. The band is black in colour and made of a rubber material. The crown of the watch is made of regular glass.

Timex Unisex “Weekender”

Timex has been around for a while and they have always been good at offering a classic and stylish look at a relatively reasonable price. This particular model is roughly $35 and offers an easy-to-read analog display with regular number markers as well as 24 hour markers on the dial as well.

The casing is made of brass, leaving an authentic and more expensive look. The band material is genuine calfskin leather and brown in shade, with a regular buckle to ensure proper fit. The watch uses an analog quartz movement and has a mineral glass material as the window over the dial.

Cassio G-Shock Men’s DW9052-1V

One of the advantages of this Casio G-Shock is the fact that it has a digital display – and more options than many more traditional time pieces have. The features range from timers to being able to record 1st & 2nd place winners in a race to elapsed time. The functions that are available with a digital watch are so different that you might wonder why they are so much less expensive… This is probably the best cheap digital watch brand on the market.

This particular model offers time, date and minute display all on the “dial” of sorts. The casing for this watch is made of stainless steel like all the others, however the band for this particular watch is made of a resin material rather than stainless steel or leather. This movement in this watch is quartz and it also has the potential to be viewed in the dark.


Out of all the time pieces we’ve listed as the best cheap watches, this is the one that truly resembles its luxury counterparts. The stainless steel, silver toned bracelet with the pale shaded dial offer a classic look that you find frequently among more expensive watch brands. This is by far one of the most upscale appearing cheap watches you can find.

Coming in at around $40 and the most expensive item on this list the BUREI is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality budget watch. The watch features Japanese Quartz movement and a sapphire crystal crown that keeps everything safe and looking good.

In Closing...

While these are by far not the only cheap watch brands out there, these are the ones that we would highly like to recommend. We all want to try and dress well with the best accessories and most of us don’t want to or can’t afford to spend a fortune on a single watch. If you’re in that group of people but still have an interest in nice watches then don’t feel bad – one day you might be able to justify that $2000 luxury watch – for now stick with what you know.

Besides, getting a less expensive watch to start could help you decide if you even want to go for a more expensive one at all. For some people as long as it looks nice it doesn’t matter if it was $0.50, it would be well worth it. For others, unless it has that high-end price tag and brand name it’s just not worth having.

If you are considering purchasing a cheap watch, you will find that your options are much more plentiful than you might have expected. There are tons of cheap watch brands out there to choose from – you just have to be sure the quality of materials used in the watch are decent and you shouldn’t have a problem at all with your “cheap” watch.

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