Garmin Tactix GPS Review

garmin tactix watch review

Garmin Tactix Functions

This all black PVD-coated rugged and waterproof timepiece is perfect for every day wear and even better for taking a hike or maybe even for playing sports. The Garmin Tactix features a curved scratch-resistant mineral glass lens and rugged rear stainless steel case.

All of the metal surfaces of the Garmin Tactix are PVD-coated to be non-reflective. The Tactix features a green LED backlight with negative mode liquid crystal display for night vision compatibility.

The Garmin Tactix also features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a life of up to 50 hours in GPS mode, 3 weeks in Sensor mode and up to a max of 5 weeks in watch mode.

This rugged and durable timepiece is not only waterproof and shock resistant up to 50 meters but also features Tide data (U.S. only) and a worldwide base map. This allows you to plan and share your trips and adventures with friends and family using the BaseCamp™ software.

Garmin Tactix Watch Features

The Garmin Tactix (model) also comes preloaded with Jumpmaster software for the skydivers out there in need of a stylish and durable timepiece for their next adventure or just for a day out!

The Tactix can provide you with real-time performance data such as your distance and pace, cadence and even your calories; helping you to keep track of your progress during and after your adventures or workouts and it also helps to optimize your training in physical activities and sports!

The TrackBack software makes it impossible to get lost when going on a journey. You can mark and store up to a thousand waypoints and TrackBack also allows you to reverse the track log so that no matter where you are, you can always find your way back to where you started.

The ANT+™ and Bluetooth® capability of the Garmin Tactix allows you to wirelessly share waypoints, tracks, routes and more with other compatible Garmin devices and even smartphones.

These wireless sensors also allow you to pair with other optional ANT+ sensors such as temperature, a heart rate monitor, foot pod or VIRB action camera. *These features are all sold separately.

Sun and moon information can also be found on this Garmin model. You will have access to a hunting/fishing calendar, stopwatch, timer, alarm clock with vibration tones and alerts and even a world clock with automatic time-zone calibration.

Garmin GPS & ABC

This Garmin model also features high-sensitivity GPS positioning with ABC features, an altimeter, barometer and 3-axis compass. The built-in altimeter provides you with access to accurate elevation data to allow you to monitor (your/the) ascent and descent even more accurately. The barometer allows you to keep track of the drops in the air pressure, also allowing you to always be aware of any forming and approaching storms nearby.

The Tactix automatically calibrates its ABC sensors using its built-in GPS receiver and also automatically sets the time based on your location. For the most accurate temperature reading, pair the Tactix with our tempe™ external temperature sensor.

The Garmin Tactix GPS Navigator + ABC Sensors watch is like a command center for all things physical. It’s perfect for just about any physical activity or journey; hiking, cycling, running, climbing, skydiving and so much more!

If you need a watch that helps to bring out the thrill-seeker in you but can also blend in with your daily routine, then look no further! The sleek black Garmin Tactix is the perfect fit for your style!

When your order from today, not only will you receive your watch but you will also have in the box one USB/Charging cable, one AC adaptor with plug and one Quickstart manual to help you get started on learning every detail of your new mesmerizing timepiece. Order yours today!

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