MVMT Watch Review: Black/Black & Chrono Series

MVMT mens watch review

We have to confess: new kids on the block in the watch industry scare the living hell out of us. They all claim to be the latest and greatest, yet sadly most of them end up letting us down big time. We’re perfectly happy to sit back and bask in the glorious new models that our old favorites like Suunto, Luminox, Casio, and Hamilton deliver time and time again. But every now and then some newbie tags along and totally shakes our idea of what they’re capable of. One such brand is MVMT Watches.

About the company:

MVMT Watches (pronounced Movement) is a hot and happening watch brand that’s set its sights on the booming Indie market. The geniuses behind the brand had one goal in mind; cut out brand inflation and retail markup of big name brands. Essentially, they’re like us regular guys who don’t want to spend thousands on quality timepieces for the sake of a name. So what they did was this: they released a collection of watches that have serious appeal and tagged them with affordable prices, effortlessly catering to the needs of millions in a single step!

What’s available from MVMT?

While they do have quite a few models available that range from action loving to business man style watches, the most popular model is the Black/Black timepiece. It’s what has the world buzzing, so for now we’ll just keep out focus on one model. The Black/Black is our favorite and also the best MVMT watch at the moment

MVMT Black/Black Review

First Glance:

Your first encounter with your MVMT Black/Black will be in its neoprene case securely closed up with a rubber zipper. The storage case is really nothing spectacular, but then again, it’s only supposed to protect your parcel during shipping.

The Case:

The watch itself is impressive to say the least. The watch case is made from solid plated stainless steel and measures in at 45mm, which is pretty average for men’s watches. It also carries a LTL of 50mm and measures in at 10mm thick. It’s sturdy and has a perfect weight.

The Details:

The MVMT Black/Black wasn’t made with watersports in mind and bears a water resistance of just 30 meters, so it’s good enough for splashes and spills, but please don’t go scuba diving with this timepiece on your wrist! To protect the case from scratches, it’s sealed with a hardened mineral crystal cover.

Since it’s powered by Japanese Miyota quartz, it keeps time accurately and boasts a 3-hand movement and a date window. The dial itself is simple and clean, so it cuts out unnecessary bulk and frustration. The markers and hands are finished with a gunmetal shade, which is great for reading at a glance, but don’t expect to see them at night because it doesn’t have lume.

The bracelet is pretty straightforward and sleek too, and is made from 3-link stainless steel. It measures in at 24mm in length and 3mm high. We appreciated the fold-over clasp with its push button, but had serious beef with the fact that it only has one micro-adjustment hole. We’re also not totally sold on the overall quality of the bracelet, but considering the Black/Black’s price tag, what more could one want?

The Pros:
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s made with durable materials
  • It does its job pretty well, albeit it’s a basic watch
  • The black on black looks sleek and sophisticated
  • It’s water proof up to 30 meters, so it’ll withstand daily splashes
  • The Miyota quartz movement is accurate
The Cons:
  • It doesn’t sport helpful features
  • It’s not really rugged enough for everyday wear
  • The bracelet could have been made with a lot more durability in mind

Would We Recommend It?

At the drop of a hat! Besides the fact that the Black/Black looks great, the design is simple and clean and it’s very refreshing to see that in modern watches since they all try and look like high-tech gadgets. The bracelet has to be the Black/Black’s only real flaw.

What other MVMT Watches to Consider:

Look, if you’re not sold on the idea of the Black/Black, you could always check out the other offerings from MVMT. All of their watches are amazing and offer you quality and durability wrapped up in a sleek looking package at a fraction of the price that competitors charge. In our opinion there are 3 other great MVMT Men’s Watches that are well worth considering:

MVMT Men’s Chrono Series Gold Case

With its black dial and black leather, the Gold Case from the Chrono series looks like it means business. It’s a little more formal than the Black/Black (okay a lot more), so it’ll be hard to wear this watch in a casual environment without drawing attention. Flip flops and the Gold Case…they don’t go together.

MVMT Men’s White Face with Silver Bracelet

MVMT’s white face dial watch with its silver stainless steel bracelet is a gentleman’s timepiece when he’s heading out to town. It’s seriously fashionable and stylish and features a silver plated second hand that just reflects engineering elegance in all its glory. Again, it just doesn’t measure up to the impressive Black/Black.

MVMT Men’s Classic White Face Tan Strap

Similar to the Classic White Dial, the Tan Strap model from MVMT is classy, but the difference is that this one actually looks a little retro and begs for attention. It’s a perfect blend between the professional and the casual world. Overall, if we had to force you into a direction here, we’d say that this was one of the best alternatives to the Black/Black!

Final Thoughts:

MVMT is definitely moving up in the watch world, one model at a time, and changing the way we think watches should be marketed and priced. If this trend keeps going throughout 2016, we can’t wait to see what other amazing surprises lay in store for us!


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