Luminox Watch Review

luminox watch review

With names like Rolex, Omega and Breitling being old features that are always seen on the movie hero’s wrist, Luminox is a game chancer of sorts. They’ve been the prime choice of military men for over 25 years and don’t need to be featured in movies in order to get recognized as one of the best watch manufacturers out there.

What’s the deal with Luminox Watches?

The masterminds behind Luminox, Barry Cohen and Richard Timbo, pioneered an amazing illumination technology for watches back in the 1980’s that saw watches rely on micro gas lighting, going above and beyond regular battery power to illuminate watch hands.

In essence, the world’s most luminous watch was born, and it was set to take the world by storm. In 1993 the US Government came knocking on the small Swiss company’s door. Long story short, 9 months later in 1994 the first Navy SEAL dive watch was born…proudly Luminox. One success lead to another and before they knew it they were making watches for the Air Force in 1999, proudly displaying their brilliant technology on the wrist of F-117 Stealth Fighter Pilot wrists. They kept going from strength to strength and have an impressive collection of 5 specialized series’ with their own unique models on offer.

What’s available from Luminox?

The lineup of Luminox models is actually pretty impressive, look at what’s on offer:

Fall / Winter 2015 Models
  • P-38 Lightning 9420 and 9440 Series’
  • Field Automatic Day Date 1800 Series
  • Atacama Field Chrono 1940 and 1920 Series’
  • BlackBird 9080 Series
Sea Series Models
  • Anu Chronograph 4240 Series
  • Anu 4200 Series
  • Original Navy Seal 3000 Series
  • Navy Seal Colormark 3050, 7050, 3080, 3150, 3180 Series’
  • Modern Mariner 6500, 6250, 7250 Series’
  • Scott Cassell Series
  • Deep Dive Automatic 1500 Series
Air Series Models
  • P38 Lightning 9400, 9460, 9420, 9440 Series’
  • Nighthawk 6400 Series
  • Raptor 9270 Series
  • Blackbird 9080 Series
Land Series Models
  • Tony Kanaan Series'
  • Field 1860, 1800 Series’
  • Atacama 1940, 1920 Series’
  • Black Ops Series’
  • Recon 8840, 8820, 8830 Series’
  • Sentry Series’
Space Series Models
  • XCOR 5240, 5120, 5020 Series’

As you can see, they have an abundance of awesome watches on offer, which brings us to the next dilemma. How do you pick just one of these rad timepieces? What is the best Luminox watch? Luckily we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up the best of the bunch so that your field of play is narrowed down quite a bit.

Buying Guide: Luminox Watch Reviews

Here are our top picks for the best Luminox watches available out there.

Most Stylish Luminox Watch

F-117 Nighthawk Blackout 6402

The sleek and sporty Nighthawk Blackout 6402 comes with a round ion plated stainless steel case, measuring 46mm in diameter and a 22mm wide black ion plated bracelet with a safety clasp. With its Arabic hour markers, a 3 o’clock date window, black ion plated bezel and luminous dial hands on the black dial, it’s a looker of note. The Nighthawk Blackout is water resistant up to 220 feet, so it gives you all the peace of mind you need and more. If you’re looking for a solid ad easy to use watch that won’t look dull on your wrist, this is thee timepiece to go for.

The Pros:

· It has a contemporary style that easily matches up with anything you wear

· It’s safe to wear during swimming

· The strap fits snugly yet still feels comfortable

The Cons:

· The solid black on black color of the Nighthawk can be frustrating when you’re in a low-light situation. You need excellent light conditions to clearly see the markings on the watch, which kind of defeats the object.

Best Everyday Luminox Watch

P-38 Lightning 9420 Series

The P-38 Lighting 9420 Luminox is chic and casual at the same time, and it’s the perfect fit for the retro man living a city lifestyle. With its synthetic leather band and buckle closure, round stainless steel case and bidirectional rotating bezel, it’s a classy timepiece that’s going to draw a lot of attention. The black dial with white Arabic markers and silver tone hands make it easy to see what you need to see all the time. The P-38 Lightning is also super durable; having been hardened with mineral crystal and the fact that it’s water resistant up to 660 feet eliminates the schlep of water worries. If you need a classic watch that’ll probably outlive you, look no further.

The Pros:

· It has a classy yet striking “tough guy” look

· Compared to the competition, it’s really affordable for the quality you get

· It’s easy to set and read and the markers are always visible, even in low-light

The Cons:

· It’s a BIG watch with a large strap ad face, so if you’ve got a small frame, this watch might just make your wrist look like a sad little noodle

· It weighs in on the hefty side of things

Best Luminox Field Watch

EVO Colormark Chronograph 3089

If you need a sport’s watch that’s functional and good looking, the Colormark Chronograph 3089 is right up your terrain! Sporting a 44mm black carbon reinforced polymer case, a black polyurethane bracelet with a buckle clasp and a unidirectional rotating black carbon reinforced bezel; you’ll look top notch with this number on your wrist. The highlight of the 3089 has to be the black dial with its bright orange details, polished luminous hands, 3 chronograph sub dials, analog display and all the awesome features it boasts. With a crash resistant mineral dial, night vision tubes and a water resistance up to 200 meters, there’s really nothing you can’t do with this timepiece by your side.

The Pros:

· It’s super functional

· The quartz engine ensuring the most accurate time keeping capabilities

· Since it’s made with extremely high quality materials, the Colormark Chronograph 3089 is remarkably durable

The Cons:

· The case is a little big, and for men with slim wrists, it’ll be totally oversized

· Since it has the look and functionality of a sport’s watch, it’s not really suitable for formal attire

Best Luminox Military Watch

8821,KM Recon Pointman Black

Regardless of whether you’re in the military or a law enforcement officer, when you need a watch that’ll be there when you need it most and hold up to your strenuous work environments, the Recon Pointman should be your first consideration. It boasts a 45mm carbon reinforced case, a unidirectional bezel with tachymeter, a 23mm rubber bracelet with a buckle clasp and a water resistance up to 660 feet. Night time will be no issue with reading the markers thanks to the night vision tubes and the anti-reflective sapphire crystal components ensure flare will never be an issue for you. The sleek black design is perfectly highlighted with the red hands and the Arabic hour markers, a date window at 3 o’clock and the fact that this is such an easy and efficient timepiece. This is definitely a watch worth saving up for and is guaranteed to tread through thousands of miles with you!

The Pros:

· Like all other Luminox watches, the Recon Pointman will illuminate itself continuously for 25 years without needing any external light source

· Since the watch is made with the highest quality materials, it’ll withstand heavy-duty uses with the utmost of ease and will resists water up to 600 meters

· Aside from just accurate time keeping, the Pointman has a date window, a compass and the ability to measure walking speed among its other cool features

· Even though it’s made with high quality materials that should weigh it down, it has an impressively light weight

The Cons:

· The dial contains a lot of numbers and features, which might require some getting used to

· Like most other Luminox watches, if you’ve got a slim wrist, this isn’t the best watch for you


We’ve shown you 4 great Luminox watches, ranging from everyday timepieces to tough military grade watches. The best Luminox watch is the one that best suits your needs and personal preferences. Since they’ve got you covered with such an extensive variety, if you didn’t fall in love with one of our picks, the world is your oyster and there’s definitely a Luminox that’s going to bowl you over.

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