Best Watches Under $100

If you’ve ever taken a look around a jewelery store or shopped around online for a watch then you know just how wide a range of watches there really is. There’s digital watches, analog watches, watches with stainless steel bracelets and some with leather bands. You’ll also notice that the price of these watches can […]

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Vintage Men’s Watches

There’s something about vintage men’s watches that make them so much more appealing than modern day watches. Maybe it’s the simple fact that they are old – and that means they are rich with history. You might be surprised to hear the stories of what a watch went through with its wearer; especially since watches […]

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Best Dress Watches

When you’re looking for a new dress watch you might find that there are more options out there than you originally expected. There are gold and silver dress watches, diamond dress watches and more. With all these options how are you supposed to be able to choose just one? The truth is, many people don’t […]

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Cheap Watch Brands

There are a lot of well known brands out there when it comes to items like watches. The first one that probably comes to mind is Rolex. After that maybe Omega? These are considered luxury watches and can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand. Some of these watches go for as […]

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Best Rolex Submariner

The Rolex is probably the most well-known luxury watch brand in the entire world – and one of the most expensive too. If you are looking at investing in one of these high end watches then you will want to make sure your money goes into the perfect watch for you.There are many different lines […]

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Best Dive Watches

How Do I Choose?When searching for a watch there are many, many different choices – narrowing it down to something specific like a dive watch would help make the decision easier, right? Well, maybe once upon a time that would have been the case, but these days there are so many different brands out there […]

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Best Men’s Digital Watches

These days, many people may find that analog watches are outdated and a thing of the past, while others still want the classic feel of a good watch on their wrist. For those who are more into the modern and prefer everything in their life to be digital, a digital watch is often the best […]

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Best Pilot Watches

Originally, pilot watches were designed specifically for – you guessed it – pilots! These watches were designed when pilots needed a better way to keep track of the time than a pocket watch, which is terribly inconvenient when you’re at the controls. A wrist watch seemed like the logical choice, no?Thus, the original pilot watch […]

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Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ion-Plated Black Dial Watch Review

This stainless steel ion-plated timepiece from Tommy Hilfiger is the ideal piece for today’s modern man with an active lifestyle. This watch features a round case and dial with precise Japanese quartz movement and analog display. The round case is equipped with a scratch resistant mineral crystal dial window and is also water resistant up […]

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Best Adventure and Survival Utility Watch

Tim Ralston has invented a game-changing piece when it comes to extreme survival: the Recon 6. This watch is a perfect fit for the adventurous outdoorsman in you! When you find yourself in an emergency, what’s the first thing you grab for? Your cell phone, flashlight or keys? In a real emergency, you might not […]

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