Sony SmartWatch 2 Review

If you are the owner of an Android smartphone, this SmartWatch is the perfect piece of wearable technology for you. The Sony SmartWatch 2 is compatible with most smartphones or tablets that are running on an Android 4.0 operating system or later. Keep track of all of your texts/chat messages, emails, phone calls, Facebook, Gmail and so much more, right there from your wrist. With the Sony SmartWatch2, you don’t have to fight to get your phone out of your pocket anymore!

Sony SmartWatch 2 Specs

When a phone call, text message or other notification is received, the Sony 2 responds just as your Android smartphone would and gently vibrates on your wrist, letting you know you have a notification to check. This feature can also be used in reminder of appointments.

When you have received a notification, simply press on the notification icon to view it. You can view all of your notifications and browse your smartwatch, all through a multi-layer color touchscreen. You can browse your apps, control your music and even see who’s calling, right from your wrist. The Sony SmartWatch 2 is innovative and keeps you tuned in to what’s really happening in the world.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 comes equipped with a transflective LCD screen, replacing the need for a backlight and allowing the device to use up less of the battery life. With normal usage, your battery will last anywhere from 2 to 4 days. Low usage can allow the battery to keep going for up to 7 days before needing to be charged again.

Features of the Sony SmartWatch 2:

  • Water-resistant up to one meter
  • Water-proof / Dust-proof screen rating IP57
  • Bluetooth V3.0
  • Calendar
  • Timer and Stopwatch
  • Compass
  • Answer/place calls using Bluetooth wireless headset
  • Standalone Digital watch displays on screen when not in use
  • Screen Pixels: 200 x 176

The Sony SmartWatch 2 is one of the only wireless accessories that has something for everybody. If you enjoy running or any other physical activities, you can have easy on-the-wrist access to all of your fitness apps. No more pausing your workout to check your phone! If you are in the business where you must always have your phone on hand, the Sony SmartWatch is a great substitute! Keep track of messages, calls, appointments, emails and other reminds without having to always carry your phone in your hand.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 can easily be personalized to fit your style (with any standard 24MM wristbands). You can choose from a number of stylish strap options, including black leather, brown leather or metal. Sony also offers five silicone colored strap options and you can even browse through several selections of different watch faces and themes.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 also has more apps available than any other smartwatch on the market! There are more than 200 unique apps specifically designed for Sony, and specifically designed to help you make the Sony SmartWatch 2 fit your personality and life-style best. You can keep up with business meetings, phone calls, social media and so much more without even pulling out your phone.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 is easy to navigate and extremely handy. Everything that you need access to on your phone is located right there on your wrist. If you’re ready to create an easier life-style, pick out your Sony SmartWatch2 today! Visit for more details.

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