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top smart watches

The world of technology is ever expanding – and that means there have been technological advances in areas that we would have thought were perfected years ago. In this case we’re talking about Smart Watches. Smartphone watches are something that have been discussed for years – ever since the first smartphone came out people have been imagining and trying to develop the perfect smart watch.

Well, while we may not be quite into holograms and what not, we do have the first generation of smart watches available for sale now! These watches vary in price, style, and capability. Some, for example, only work with iOS or Android – but not both; others can work with both but only offer a limited number of features. If you are someone who likes to have the latest and greatest tech – or you are looking for a new way to streamline your notifications, then a smart watch is probably what you’re looking for.

Since there are not a ton of options out there right now when it comes to smart watches, we’ve taken the time to look over four very promising versions of the smart watch which we have mentioned in order of most expensive to least expensive.

Smart Watch Review:

Apple Watch Sport

You had to guess that Apple would be at the top of this list – after all Apple’s iPhones are one of the leading smart phone brands and they come out with a new version every single year (or maybe more often). Well, the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Sport are almost exactly the same – the only differences are a couple materials.

The Apple Watch has stainless steel while the Apple Watch Sport is made of slightly less expensive aluminum. The other difference is the Apple Watch has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal window while the Sport has Ion X glass that is slightly softer than the sapphire.

When it comes to features these watches integrate seamlessly with your iPhone and brings all of your notifications right to your wrist. There really isn’t a more convenient way to decide if a text or an e-mail is worth your attention – and now you never have to dig for your phone to find out what it was!

Sony Smart Watch

You didn’t think Apple would be at the front of the line if someone like Sony wasn’t far behind them, did you? Well of course not – and Sony has taken advantage of the fact that Apple only makes products that streamline with their own products – they decided to make a smart watch that is expressly made to work with Android phones. There will always be a few features that are exclusive from one brand to another – but some things, like the ability to sync with a smart watch – should be available to anyone with a smart phone.

The Sony Smart Watch offers everything you would expect out of a smart watch – the ability to check your notifications, calls, texts and e-mails right from your watch. Using it to pay for goods with a PayPal or Google Wallet app are also convenient features that this watch possesses. While the materials might not be as high quality (screen and band wise) as the Apple phone, they are excellent quality for the price point of these watches.

Smartwatch A9 for IPhone and Android

This is a less expensive option that actually works fairly well with both iPhone and Android smart phones. It can be synced to keep all your contacts and notifications in one place, even when your phone isn’t right by you. This watch gives you the ability to call or text from just about any location – even if your phone is still in your pocket or purse. You might be surprised to find out you can even take pictures with the watch, from the phone!

There is also a heart rate monitor on this phone, which makes it a great budget option for anyone looking to have a smart watch that they can take with them running or during a workout. While it may not have quite as many advanced options as the Sony or the Apple watch, this watch is still a great quality for the price point and it makes the luxury of a smart watch affordable to just about anyone looking to buy one.

CNPGD All-in-1 Smart Watch

This is by far the least expensive smart watch on our list – and it has all the basics that you would be looking for in a smart watch like the ability to sync with your phone and the ability to act as an extension of your phone. With this one you can actually take your sim card out of your phone and the watch itself will act as your phone for the time being, which is a pretty interesting (yet slightly outdated) feature to offer.

You will need to note, however, that even though it is compatible with both iPhone and Android, that iOS (iPhone) users may experience some issues and have only limited access to certain applications of the watch. Features you should expect include a FM radio, timer, stopwatch, alarm, and calendar among other things.

In Closing...

So it you’ve been debating on whether or not a smart watch is the next step for you in this new technological world, then hopefully this list was helpful. There really is a smart watch that is geared towards every type of budget so that everyone can experience some of the convenience – unfortunately as with everything else in the world of smart technology the most advanced apps and options are always going to be the most expensive!

The good news – these are all relatively affordable when you consider how much your iPhone or Galaxy itself cost in the first place. If you’re going to get an accessory to compliment it then you want to make sure that you’re getting the best tech possible – and Apple and Sony as well as smaller companies are doing their best to make that a possibility for you.

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