Watch Dimensions

watch dimensions

There is a lot that goes into picking out the perfect watch. You need to consider everything from how much you can afford to spend to what materials you would like it to be made of. With so many different brands at so many different price points it can be hard to make a decision!

Along with all these things, if you are buying a watch online, you will absolutely want to learn what the standard size of a watch is. The thing is, this doesn’t just come down to one or two measurements. There are multiple different parts of a watch that can vary in measurement from brand, make, and model, so learning more about measurements prior to buying is essential.

To make it a little bit easier to understand, we’re going to break it down into the different pieces that make up a watch and what their measurements are on average. This will help you get a better idea of what to look for when shopping for a watch online.

The Dial

This is the equivalent to the face on a clock – so this is where the time is displayed. The dial can have multiple features including sub-dials that include individual hour, minute and second dials for more accurate timekeeping (these are often called chronograph watches).

The size of the dial will be impacted both by the size of the case and the size of the bezel. So here we won’t be listing any specific sizes.

The Case

This is one of the most important things you need to consider when it comes to sizing a watch. The size of the case is something that cannot be altered so you will want to get the right size the first time around. The casing is the outer part of the watch that holds the dial, hands, movement and other gears all together, more often than not it is made out of stainless steel.

There are two measurements to consider when it comes to the case: the first of those being the diameter, which is the length across the dial of the watch from side to side.

Average case diameters for women’s watches are:
  • 23mm-25mm (mini)
  • 26mm-29mm (regular)
  • 34mm-36mm (mid-size)
Average case diameters for men’s watches are:
  • 37mm-39mm
  • 40mm-42mm (sport)
  • 45mm (XL)

If you’re not sure about metric measurements then here’s a quick example: 26mm (the women’s regular) is approximately 1 inch in diameter and 44mm is slightly less than 2 inches.

The size of the watch case you will want could depend on a number of factors. For instance, if you are a woman and you have a smaller frame you are more likely to want a watch in the “mini” size range. On the other hand, if you are a six-foot-tall man you might be more interested in the men’s XL size range.

The second measurement for the case that you will want to take note of is the thickness. According to industry standards, 6-8mm is considered a “thin” watch, 8-12mm is considered “average” and 14-18mm would be considered “thick”. This size will likely be partially impacted by the diameter of the case, the larger the diameter the more likely you are to have a thicker watch.

The Bezel

This measurement will be similar to the case measurement. The bezel is the piece that fits over the crystal and attaches to the case to hold everything into place. Without this piece you would be losing that expensive piece of crystal glass. The measurement for this will be just slightly smaller than the case diameter.

For example if your watch has a 42mm case you will likely have a 40mm sized bezel (from the outside ring, not the inner ring). The inner ring of your bezel will actually tell you the size of the dial on your watch. Following the same example a 40mm bezel will likely have an inner ring of 38-39mm.

The Bracelet

Once you’ve determined how big of a case you would like your watch to have you will need to consider the size of the bracelet. The good news is these sizes are pretty standard when you purchase the watch brand new – and they almost always need resized properly by a jeweler.

You should never try to resize a watch yourself by removing links as you could easily damage a link you still need. It is also beneficial to have a professional size your watch because they will be able to remove the perfect links to give your watch the right fit. You would be amazed what a difference it can make simply removing links from the left side instead of the right.

Average sizes for the bracelet (or strap/wristband depending on the material it’s made out of) are pretty standard for both men and women to start. Women’s bracelets are often a standard 6.75 – 7 inches long. Men’s bracelets are commonly 7.5-8 inches long. You will occasionally find watches with a longer bracelet but these are most often meant for diving and are created with the idea of wearing it outside a wetsuit.

Remember, these sizes are only estimates – you should take some time to consider the size of the watches you are looking at before making a final decision. You may think that the XL sized watch would look great on your wrist at your next big event – but later you might find out that it looks bulky and tacky because your wrist is too skinny for it.

Always take the time to consider all aspects of a watch before making an investment. Hopefully these measurements will help you to pick out the perfect watch for you.

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