Best Men’s Digital Watches

These days, many people may find that analog watches are outdated and a thing of the past, while others still want the classic feel of a good watch on their wrist. For those who are more into the modern and prefer everything in their life to be digital, a digital watch is often the best option. There are also a lot of features on digital watches that are not available on analog watches such as stopwatches, timers and so many more things.

Depending on what your budget is, you will have lots of different options when it comes to the best men's digital watches. Surprisingly, a digital watch tends to run a lot less expensive than their traditional analog counterparts, which is another reason that they are an attractive option to so many people.

When considering a digital watch you will want to take a few different things into consideration – primarily, is the display convenient for you? Does it have all the features you want or are you possibly going to pay too much for features you won’t ever use? You might be surprised at just how much a digital watch can do.

So to help you narrow it down we’re going to be taking a look at four different digital watches. We’re going to consider things like what features the watches offer as well as the look and feel of each individual watch. For this list we will start at the most expensive watch and work our way down to the most budget friendly digital watch.

​Top Digital Watches:

1. Casio G-Shock Classic

At just under a hundred dollars this is one of the best digital watches available right now. Casio is a well-known brand when it comes to the world of digital watches. They tend to have plenty of features and the G-Shock line in particular has been around for years and will still be around for years to come.

The durable watch is made of a synthetic material that is likely to keep up with you for decades if taken care of properly. The display is large enough that anyone should be able to read it without too much of a problem, even those who have entered the world of reading glasses later in life.

Extra features with this watch include a stop watch and timer – things that most expect to find on their digital watch. It also happens to come with the ability to track of the moon phases as well as when the tides are coming in and out. If you’re a fisherman, this is absolutely a must-have watch for that feature alone, plus it is waterproof up to 200 feet.

2. PUMA Unisex Loop Digital Sport Watch

This is a watch manufacture red by a well-known clothing line and their version of a digital watch does not disappoint. It offers a sleek and modern rounded look that can go perfect with both casual and sport wear. If you are one who likes to work out, run or partake in various sports then you will find that this is a perfect watch for you.

The watch has a quartz movement and a plastic case and an acrylic window material. The band is blue and the dial colour is grey – a simplistic design that suites many different needs. Extra features include a timer and stopwatch as well as being water resistant up to 165 feet – not meant for diving but absolutely suitable for an afternoon of swimming.

3. Timex Men’s Expedition Rugged Digital

This watch made by one of the best brands for cheap watches is a perfect example of a digital watch that can do it all. Seriously, with this one it’s debatable whether or not you still even need your smartphone for anything other than calls, text and the internet!

With this watch you will find a chronograph display (features hours, minutes and seconds) as well as a large date display that will present you with the day of the week as well as a numerical month and day date. There are multiple timers and alarms that can be set at once – you can even set events into your watch so there’s absolutely no excuse for missing out on the fun!

4. Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Very similar to the PUMA sport in design this watch offers a sleek look with a black band and a red bezel (though it come with the option of blue, green or pink as well). Along with all the features you’ve come to expect out of a digital watch this one tries to step ahead of the game offering a “pulse” mode which helps you to monitor your heart rate as well as an exercise mode that will help to keep you motivated.

Digital Watches: In Closing...

Choosing one of these digital watches may seem like a daunting task – but just take a few minutes to consider all the different features. You might find that you would benefit from having reminders in your watch rather than your phone – after all, what if your phone dies? Chances are you’re going to find your digital watch battery life is surprisingly long.

There are so many good looking digital watches out there and I have to say the ones chosen here are great examples of LED fashion watches for men. They each have a unique style and multiple different functions – sometimes it’s hard to believe they're not more popular!


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